Teaching High School Students About Public Relations

Five UCA public relations students, including a few of our own PRSSA members, discussed public relations and career preparation tips with students at Conway High School. Treslyn Fletcher, Jordan Reynolds, Shelby Sites, Leia Smith and Julia Woods presented to five separate classes on March 31, 2017.

“I was very excited to get to speak to high school students about public relations,” said Julia Woods, a UCA PR student. “I didn’t even know what it was before college, so I’m glad they’re hearing about it now.”

The five students explained what public relations was, what PR practitioners do and the skills they possess, how to use social media effectively and what PRSSA is and how it benefits students.

The savvy teenagers were easy to present to because they all use social media. The PR students just had to explain why and how they should use their social media. They also urged the high school students to maintain an appropriate online presence. Many teenagers don’t think beyond high school or college. The PR students explained ways their Twitter or Instagram accounts could help or harm their future career, or even their chances of landing a summer job in the meantime.

Another lesson the PR students taught was about networking sites, specifically LinkedIn, because of its importance in the public relations industry. The high school sophomores, juniors and seniors filled out their own information on a handout. They wrote about past job and volunteer experiences as well as skills and languages they spoke. This activity helped students understand what future employers may be looking for and what they need to do to prepare.

Story contributions by Jordan Reynolds