UCA PRSSA attends Little Rock Agency Tour

On Feb. 17 the majority of the University of Central Arkansas PRSSA members took advantage of the opportunity to attend the the PRSSA Agency Tour and a PRSA luncheon. Members from PRSSA organizations from UCA, Arkansas Tech, Arkansas State, and ULAR were taken on this tour by Allyson Johnson, who works at Mangan Holcomb Partners.

First stop on the tour was Mangan Holcomb Partners where all the PRSSA organizations got to tour the agency and got an explanation of what it was like for them day to day working with clients.


UCA PRSSA members at Mangan Holcomb Partners excited for the tour! (bottom left to top right) Chynna Stipe, Lauren Gilbert, Savannah Babington, Dani Peterson, Stephanie Higginbotham, Rahel Barr, Jacolby Crow, and Jennifer Buckley.

Next stop on the tour was Stone Ward where Heidi Harrell talked to us about the history of the company and gave us great advice on how to get jobs after graduation. Harrell said “You don’t know everything. Learn.”


Entrance to Stone Ward.

After Stone Ward it was off to Ghidotti Communications where the lovely ladies there showed off a presentation about things from media relations to content marketing showing off everything that their company does.

During the PRSA luncheon a special guest speaker Johnny Little from E’little Communications Group talked about doing public relations and crisis communication during the tragedy that occurred in Ferguson. Little gave a lot of great advice to PRSSA students and PRSA members about how to act and respond in a crisis situation.

Picture 6

Johnny Little talking about handling the crisis situation in Ferguson.

Next stop was Communications Group where Jason Brown offered up helpful advice about keeping social media clean and professional to how to create your own personal brand. A helpful sheet full of strategies for building a winners personal brand was also handed out.

The fourth stop on the tour, Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that has a small but important public relations team shared what it was like to work for a nonprofit. They emphasized how important it was to continuously think about how to grow as a person to help your company.

Picture 7.jpg

Heifer International building.

The last stop of the PRSSA tour was Union Pacific Railroad Company where Brandon Morris showed us around and let us see how things work. Morris discussed things like employee communication, media relations, social media, and branding. Morrison gave great advice about always needing to learn more, he said “always advance in your profession.”

Picture 5

Group photo of UCA PRSSA members in front of Union Pacific train.


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