Guest Speaker: Crystal Kemp

University of Central Arkansas PRSSA scored guest speaker Crystal Kemp for the second meeting of the Spring semester. Kemp works for the Conway Corporation which is local only to Conway, Arkansas and provides internet, cable, electric, water, and other similar services. Kemp works as a Public Relations and Marketing manager and came to tell us up and coming PR spokespeople what it is like in the field.

First Kemp gives a short history of how and why Conway Corporation was founded and then goes on to tell what to be involved in during college and even includes what she looks for during the interview and hiring process. 

She advised that being involved in as many things that are related to one’s major as possible is a great way to get a head start. She says that in college she was involved with things such as the school newspaper, she was on yearbook staff, she was involved with the media center, and was even in intramural’s for fun. She says by being involved in multiple things she was showcasing her leadership and hard work skills while also making important connections for her future. 

Kemp also offered up some things to include in a resume. She suggests getting together some examples of writing skills, design skills, and basic video skills. She also says never to forget to proofread a resume, small mistakes make a big impact! Of course she advises to include examples of involvement and include things that show that one has initiative. 

Kemp also offers up different things that she does under her title at Conway Corporation. She says that she writes, event plans, budgets, designs, handles social media and media relationships, and so much more. She shows the diversity that the field of PR and marketing provides. 

“If you wanna be successful in public relations, make story telling part of what you do.” – Crystal Kemp


Spring 2017 PRSSA officers, members, and potential members posing with Crystal Kemp.


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